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Investment in Bulgaria


  1. Location – South Eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula.
  2. Pan-European Corridors – IV, VII, VIII, IX and X
  3. Population – 7 351 234 people by 1st February 2011.
  4. Total Area – 110 994 sq. km.
  5. Government Regulation – Parliamentary republic.
  6. Capital – Sofia.


Bulgaria can offer the companies in interest to develop their businesses and strengthen their prestigious positions on the market. Bulgaria’s location and its stable policy and economy as well as its fiscal and economic policy contribute to achieve these goals.
More specifically this includes:

  1. No customs problems as the country is a member of the European Economic Community
  2. Possibility to utilize billions of euro as a financial support from European Economic Community in the years to come
  3. Surplus in the annual state budget
  4. Low average inflation increase
  5. Economy type – based on private property
  6. Important direct foreign investment
  7. Qualified labour force of good technical preparation
  8. The cheapest labour force expenses within EEC
  9. Corporate profit tax – down to 10%
  10. Agreements for double taxation with almost all countries in the world
  11. Extremely low energy price
  12. The lowest operative expenses for an European market economy

All these factors give numerous advantages to investment in Bulgaria. Investing in Bulgaria with the assistance of our company means taking into consideration our great experience on this territory in order to benefit the most from the numerous initiatives in the real estate sector and governmental financing in the country.
Contact our offices so that you get familiar and well-informed about all possible business factors in Bulgaria.


On macroeconomic level Bulgaria shows:
  1. The highest level of economic growth in Europe for the period between 2003 and 2008.
  2. Very low inflation percentage.
  3. Fixed exchange rate 1 BGN = 0.51 EUR which eliminates almost any currency risk.
  4. Stable and strict financial post-crisis discipline.
  5. The second country in EU – 27 in terms of production, according to EUROSTAT at the beginning of 2010: Bulgaria (4.9%), EU – 27 (1,8%), Italy (2,6%).


Fiscal policy is characterized with the most favourable taxation among the countries in European Union:
  1. Corporate tax – only 10% (the lowest in EU);
  2. Income tax - 10% for physical persons;
  3. Profit tax - 0% for investment activities in more than 142 municipalities (out of 264) with high unemployment percentage;
  4. 5% tax on dividends and liquidity shares (0% for taxpayers in EU);
  5. There is a two-year period of VAT exemption in case of importing equipment for investment projects of value more than 5 000 000 EUR which offer at least 50 vacant job positions;
  6. Depreciation norms (50%) for investment in new machinery, equipment and production facilities; computers, external devices and software;
  7. Possibility to deduct the expenses on scientific activities, research and development;
  8. VAT deduction for two consecutive months after which within 30 days the National Revenue Agency shall restore the tax to the companies (in case of a delay, the National Revenue Agency shall pay companies the respective interests and penalty fines);
  9. A decrese in social contributions: by 2% in 2010 and by 1% in the next 3 years;
  10. Extension of the period for using VAT in invoices – from three to twelve months.


In terms of operative expenses: the lowest in Europe
  1. Rent, purchases, low-price services favour the start of a new business in Bulgaria;
  2. Bulgaria offers the cheapest labour force in Europe and /by contrast to the other countries in central and southeastern Europe/ the minimum salary corresponds to the average one;
  3. Social insurance payment is divided between employer and employee as it follows: 60% / 40% and it is on the low – by 2% in 2010 and by 1% in the next 3 years;
  4. Availability for highly qualified labour force: more than 50% of the active population and 70% of the students speak one foreign language and 45 000 of them are studying in Europe.


  1. Investment in Bulgaria
If you already have prepared some projects in Your country,which have been given a financial support from European Union and Your company has won contract auctions for some projects, you can for sure achieve the same in Bulgaria. It is necessary only to establish a company and to submit your application for one of the auctions announced by the national operative programmes.
  1. A splendid opportunity to go beyond the limits of geographical distances without problems: in Europe there are cheap airline companies, internet and European tariff for the mobile operators in EU which continues to be on the low;
  2. Greater concentration on your company business activity transferring part of your activities in Bulgaria, you can pay more attention, energy and financial means for more important goals;
  3. Higher quality: delocalization and assigning part of the activities to foreign companies give you the opportunity to improve the specialization and the quality of the products and services which you would provide for your clients;
  4. A better market position: opportunity to find new clients for the companies, as it concerns investment on a new market;
  5. Higher revenues: The lower the average revenues, the more attractive and stimulating highly qualified employees regard a higher salary.

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