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novità: Outsourcing buste paga - scopri la nostra proposta

Bulgarstroy is a consulting company that that specializes in studying and realization of strategic decisions for everybody who shows an interest to invest in a country of a growing economic development: Bulgaria.

Bulgarstroy develops real estate projects; realizes on strategic locations multifunctional, industrial , commercial and logistic facilities; offers cooperation and consulting services for a company’s start-up; constructs, sells and leases halls for industrial, commercial, craft use; makes studies and designs in the field of renewable energy resources, in particular hydropower and geothermal sector, executes market researches.

Bulgarstroy is a company guided by its solid experience in the construction field in Italy and it offers to the companies the favourable opportunity for relocalization; it is a company guided by the values like formation and development of human resources and the constant synthesis between experience and innovations.

Initiated Projects

In order to be familiar with the incentives to invest in Bulgaria, here we reveal some facilitations which we offer or just to get informed.


Current Projects

Current Projects

ORIZARI + can be presented as a multifunctional center situated in a strategic location which connects Western Europe and Turkey.

The complex is divided into plots and modular halls with industrial, craft and commercial use. Its goal is to satisfy the requirements of the small and mid-sized companies.

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Relocalization of Your activities in Bulgaria is one opportunity that this county offers to those developers who would like to increase the competitiveness of their company in European and international terms. Bulgaria has efficient airline, railway and automobile communication systems which favour logistics development; Bulgaria is characterized with flexible bureaucratic procedures; but most of all, it is the membership in the European Union that makes the country the ideal place for industrial relocalization of Your activities/company.

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