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Current Projects

ORIZARI + multicenter

ORIZARI + multicenter project is a multicenter located at only 7 km from the central part of Plovdiv – the second biggest town in Bulgaria in terms of population. Plovdiv is located at the main arterial road connecting Western Europe and Istanbul. Not only being a town of different rich cultural and art traditions but also Plovdiv has always been a dynamic commercial and industrial center: in Bulgaria there are more than 9000 operating Italian companies, the greater part of which are operating on Plovdiv territory. In terms of orography Plovdiv is the ideal town: spectacular with its opportunities for investment and development.

The zone stipulated for the project is located alongside the Municipality road SS375 – main arterial road connecting Plovdiv, Peshtera and Pazardzhik – a flourishing commercial center at about 30 km westwards from the village of Orizari. Orizari can offer wide accessibility guaranteed by international road E 80 - a main axis for the connection between Belgrade, Sofia, Plovdiv and Istanbul. The region also benefits from Trakiya highway that provides a direct connection between the village of Orizari and Kadievo and Sofia. The access to the capital as well as to the other towns is additionally guaranteed by a railway and autobus transport.

ORIZARI + is created with the idea to offer to different clients strategic areas so that they can develop their scope of activities, an area where they can also benefit from the presence of other complementary activities. This is an area which aims to develop:

  1. Production activities.
  2. Integrated logistic activities on a large scale.
  3. Industrial activities.
  4. Construction and leasing of modular halls.
  5. Logistic and commercial activities
  6. Service activities.

On the base of this various decisions for development and growth our company offers the clients the opportunity to choose according to their own needs, plots from 500 to 10 000 square meters available for sale or rent as well as for construction. We can offer you to start the project design of the very plot according to client’s requirements and investors’ researches who are interested in these activities.

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