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The company

The company

Bulgarstroy is a company for the development and company consulting services which has been successfully operating in Bulgaria since 2003. Due to its strict organization because of its solid experience in the construction field in Italy, Bulgarstroy has one of the most dynamic and innovative teams in Bulgaria.

At first Bulgarstroy was operating in the construction of tourist and residential complexes, today it is even more flexible – it operates in a broad scope of activities, like: rendering, construction and maintenance of industrial halls; preparing real estate projects; design and realization of multifunctional industrial, craft and commercial and logistic complexes; consulting services and realization of projects in the field of renewable energy resources utilization; consulting services and cooperation for the company’s start-up; marketing research.

The enterprise companies the opportunity for relocalization of their activities on a territory of a steady development and growth like Bulgaria; it communicates directly with the most qualified investors and international professionals and can be considered as their partner in the investment as well as a manager of their activities in Bulgaria. Bulgarstroy is constantly devoted to surpass the market requirements by offering innovative and strategic solutions, sticking to the needs and requirements of its investors.

Besides the constant detailed attention to the technical part of the design and realization, the company can account on one solid and dynamic team of professional competence, motivation and empowerment on individual and group level. In a value-oriented prospect we are convinced in the paramount importance of the human resources for the development of one company not only due to technical competence of our professionals but also to the motivation of their engagement. We also pay attention to the atmosphere and team relations which are based on democracy, leadership and desire for development.

Experience, organization, coordination, research and development, competence, efficiency and most of all confidence are our main guidelines which are leading us to spotting clients’ needs because their content and satisfaction generate our content and satisfaction.

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